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At Hip Cat, we have a diverse range of products from glass pieces to papers to vapes to smoking accessories. We are a one-stop shop that caters to all price ranges! Other shops may carry vapes, but not glass pipes, while others may only carry papers and wraps. There is no need to run around town trying to figure out what shops carry what products, Hip Cat has everything you’re looking for all in one place.

Located on the Main Tourist Strip in Ft. Lauderdale

We are located on East Las Olas Boulevard, surrounded by the city’s hottest bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Enjoy gorgeous weather and a relaxing coastal atmosphere while you shop and spend the day treating yourself. When you need a smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale that carries everything that you’re looking for, look no further than Hip Cat Smoke Shop!

Glass pipes come in 2 main categories, dry pipes, and water pipes. On the surface level, both of these types of pipes work similarly. Both kinds of pipes have a bowl to hold the product, and a mouthpiece to inhale the burned product from. Although they both achieve the same end goal, their mechanics work differently to allow for different smoking experiences. Some smokers prefer dry pipes, while others prefer water pipes, both have their advantages. Finding a glass piece that you love and that works for you is what’s most important!

Dry Pipes
Dry pipes are pretty simple to work, you put the product in the bowl end then inhale the burned product through the mouthpiece, no extra steps are necessary. Many smokers enjoy this type of pipe because it is easy to use and requires less maintenance than a water pipe and is typically more travel-friendly than a water pipe. Dry pipes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each type has its benefits. The most common types of dry pipes are spoon pipes, chillums, and one-hitters.

Spoon Pipes
Spoon pipes are a type of dry pipe. Spoon pipes are appropriately named since they almost resemble spoons. They have a bowl to hold the product at one end of the pipe and a mouthpiece at the other end. The bowl on spoon pipes is packed perpendicularly to the mouthpiece. Many spoon pipes also have an airhole, also known as a “carb”, on the side of the bowl that can be covered and uncovered using your thumb while smoking. This allows for the pipe to be totally cleared of any smoke and achieves a unique smoking experience. Spoon pipes can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some can be as large as 6-8” in length, and as small as 3-4” in length.

Many smokers prefer spoon pipes because of their sheer availability and simplicity. Spoon pipes are by far the most common pipe and pretty much widely available. They are easy to use on the first try and require no skill to set up. Spoon pipes also require little maintenance, just quick cleanings after use. Many prefer spoon pipes because their size makes them pretty easy to travel with and their price is cheap enough to make them easy to collect.

A one-hitter, also sometimes known as a “bat”, is a type of dry pipe that is much smaller than a spoon pipe. Like spoon pipes, one-hitters are also appropriately named because they literally only have enough bowl size to allow for one hit of your product. One-hitters are similar to spoon pipes in that they have a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other, however, the bowl is packed parallel to the mouthpiece, not perpendicular like spoon pipes. One-hitters also never have a carb to allow air to clear the pipe as most spoon pipes have.

Most one-hitters are around 2-3” in length and can easily fit into a pocket or purse. Most smokers prefer to keep their one-hitters in a “dugout” which is a flat wooden accessory that holds your bat and product and makes packing your bowl super easy. Carrying your piece in a dugout makes one-hitters even more effortless to travel with because everything you need is in one sleek vessel!

Some smokers love one-hitters because of their discreteness. Quickly pack a bowl with your favorite product and be done smoking it before anyone even notices you’re gone! Due to their small size, one-hitters are amazing in portability and are extremely easy to travel with. Having a dugout makes it even easier to carry your product and one-hitter with you wherever you go. New smokers tend to be drawn to one-hitters because they are extremely easy to use on the first attempt, require almost no maintenance, and are exceptionally durable.

Chillums are almost like a combination of spoon pipes and one-hitters. They are straight pipes that are larger than one-hitters and can usually fit in the palm of your hand; however, they are a bit smaller than most spoon pipes. Like one-hitters, chillums have a bowl that is parallel to the mouthpiece; however, chillum’s bowls are much larger and can hold more than just one hit worth of product. Chillums also never have a carb as most spoon pipes have. Chillums can come in different sizes and designs, but most are around 3-4” in length.

Smokers who love chillums enjoy the best of both worlds of spoon pipes and one-hitters. Chillums are easy to travel with and pretty discreet like one-hitters but allow for a larger bowl size like spoon pipes. Chillums are also very low maintenance and easy to clean like one-hitters and are very simple to use.

Water Pipes
Another type of pipe, other than a dry pipe, is a water pipe. Water pipes provide a unique smoking experience because they utilize water to cool down the smoke before inhalation. Water pipes are a little bit more complicated and cannot be used immediately after the purchase like a dry pipe. A water pipe needs water to activate the cooling mechanism so you will need to find a spot to fill up your pipe after purchasing before being able to use that feature.

Water pipes are similar to dry pipes in that they have a bowl to hold the product and a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. However, water pipes also contain a water chamber, also known as the base, that dry pipes do not have. The bowl of the water pipe has a long stem that sits in the water located in the water chamber. When the user inhales through the mouthpiece, the smoke is drawn through the water and cooled off before it reaches the user. Water pipes come in many different sizes and designs. The most common type of water pipes are bubblers and classic water pipes.

Classic Water Pipe
The anatomy of a classic water pipe is pretty simple once you know what each part does. Classic water pipes have a base that holds the water, a bowl that holds the product, a downstem that is connected to the bowl and sits in the water, and a mouthpiece. The bowl and connected downstem are usually removable and act as a carb to clear the pipe of smoke. Smoke classic water pipes also have an “ice-chamber” in between the mouthpiece and the base that can hold ice for an even cooler smoke. Classic water pipes come in many different sizes and are typically anywhere from 6”-11” in height.

Smokers who enjoy this type of pipe usually like it because of its large bowl size that allows for greater hits and long-lasting bowl packs. Some smokers prefer a classic water pipe because it holds more water than other water pipes allowing for the smoke to be even cooler. The only disadvantages to a classic water pipe are that its size makes it difficult to travel with and requires more cleaning.

A bubbler is a type of water pipe that is similar in size to a spoon pipe and in functionality, it is similar to a classic water pipe. Bubblers contain a similarly sized bowl and a mouthpiece just like a spoon pipe. However, they also have a base to hold water and a downstem that connects to the bowl and rests in the water in the base similar to the classic water pipe. The smoke is pulled from the downstem through the water, causing the water to bubble, and out through the mouthpiece. Bubblers are usually around 4-6” in length and can typically fit in the palm of your hand.

Many smokers prefer bubblers because they combine the benefits of spoon pipes and classic water pipes. They have the portability and travel-friendliness that spoon pipes offer while having the cooling mechanism that classic water pipes provide. Bubblers are also easier to store than classic water pipes because they are so much smaller. Some classic water pipes can be almost a foot tall and need a proper place to be shelved in order to avoid breaking. Bubblers are much smaller and do not require a large space to be kept.

Vaporizers, most commonly known as “vapes”, are an electronic smoking device that works by heating up a liquid to produce a vapor that is then inhaled. Most types of vapes are battery operated and the battery needs to be recharged after the device is used for a while.

There are many different types of vapes and how they differ comes down to what type of liquid, or “juice”, is inside them. Some vapes contain e-cigarette juice which contains nicotine and imitates the effects of a cigarette. Other vapes contain CBD oil which produces a relaxing effect and some find it helps with anxiety.

CBD Vapes
CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants however when inhaled does not produce the “high” effect that cannabis produces. CBD is psychoactive meaning it reduces anxiety and promotes a relaxing sensation, but does not result in intoxication. Many people prefer CBD vapes because they are easy to use and require no maintenance. Simply insert the CBD oil cartridge into the device and begin using it. When the cartridge is empty of oil, remove and replace it! The only thing you have to remember is to charge your device!

Nicotine Vapes
Nicotine vapes work similarly to CBD vapes in that they have a cartridge, also sometimes known as a “pod”, full of the e-cigarette oil that is placed into the device and when heated up produces nicotine vapor. Nicotine vape devices are often rechargeable and when pods are empty of oil, they need to be replaced.

Some smokers choose to switch to nicotine vaping because vape juice does not contain the harmful additives that cigarettes do. With cigarettes, once you light one it is difficult not to finish it. Most smokers who switch to vaping find that it is much easier to wean themselves off of nicotine because they can control their intake down to each hit and can take as much as they need without being tempted to finish the already lit cigarette.

Disposable Nicotine Vapes
Disposable Nicotine vape devices work the same way as rechargeable devices in that they heat up the e-cigarette liquid and that then produces a vapor to be inhaled. The difference is that disposable vapes do not need to be charged or have pods replaced. The disposable vapes are timed so that when the e-cigarette oil is empty, the battery is also dead. When this happens, the entire device can be disposed of. Many people enjoy this type of vape because of the convenience. There is no need to worry about charging or purchasing replacement pods, when you’re done just throw it away!

Papers, Wraps, and Accessories
We carry a large selection of sizes of rolling papers and tobacco wraps in a variety of delicious flavors. Perfect for all your rolling needs! We also carry smoking accessories such as grinders, rolling machines, rolling trays, and lighters to make your smoking experience effortless.

Come down to the best smoke shop Fort Lauderdale has to offer and see for yourself our extensive selection of pipes, vapes, papers, wraps, and smoking accessories. Spend the day exploring Fort Lauderdale and enjoying our coastal town while shopping for all your smoking needs all in one place.