Lots of Experience

20+ years experience in the smoke shop industry with multiple chains throughout the country.

Premier Location

Now in Florida with our premier location in Fort Lauderdale.

Tons of Glass Pipe Options

We cater to all smokers whether you are looking for a quick pocket piece or looking to add to your heady glass collection we have it all.

Support Local Artists

South Florida is a great community and we like to support the local artists. So be sure to check out our display filled with locally blown glass and a locally done mural covering every wall of the shop.

Smoking Experts

In addition to offering some great products, we also have a team of smoking experts on our staff. If you have any questions or you are new to smoking and need some assistance, we’re always happy to help.

We Have It All

Endless amount of smoking accessories with everything from papers and wraps to vaporizers and hookahs. Find whatever you need and if you don’t see what you need don’t be shy to ask we will gladly order anything you want.