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Guide to Finding the Best Water Pipe For You

Water pipes have been used for smoking for centuries, and in 2023, they remain a popular way to consume tobacco and other herbs. As we move further into the year, several trends have emerged in the water pipe industry that are worth noting for smokers and enthusiasts alike. We’re here to help you pick out the perfect one for your smoking needs!


Water Pipe Trends in 2023

We are all about staying trendy and keeping up with all the latest innovations and conveniences as they become available. You’ll find such a wide variety of water pipe options here that it can maybe be a bit overwhelming. We have experts on hand to help you figure out what works best for you. But here’s our guide to the emerging trends to be on the lookout for!

Glass Water Pipes

Glass water pipes have always been the most popular choice among smokers, but in 2023, we expect to see even more demand for them. Glass is a versatile material that can be shaped into a variety of designs and sizes, making it easy for smokers to find a water pipe that fits their preferences.

In addition, glass water pipes are easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining a smooth smoking experience. They also provide a clear view of the smoke as it travels through the pipe, making them a great choice for those who enjoy the visual aspect of smoking.

Silicone Water Pipes

Silicone water pipes are a relatively new trend in the smoking industry, but they are quickly gaining popularity among smokers. Silicone is a durable material that can withstand high temperatures, making it a great option for those who want a water pipe that can handle daily use.

Silicone water pipes are also easy to clean, as they can be taken apart and washed in the dishwasher. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, making them a fun choice for smokers who want to add some personality to their smoking experience.

Electronic Water Pipes

Electronic water pipes are a newer trend in the industry, and they offer a unique smoking experience for those who are interested in trying something different. Electronic water pipes use an electronic heating element to heat the concentrates or herbs, eliminating the need for a lighter.

This type of water pipe is great for those who want a more controlled smoking experience, as the temperature can be adjusted to the user’s preference. Electronic water pipes are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great option for those who want a low-maintenance smoking experience.

Travel Water Pipes

Travel water pipes are a convenient option for smokers who are always on the go. These water pipes are designed to be compact and portable, making them easy to pack in a bag or suitcase. They can vary in complexity from simple bubblers to more traditional, compact, water pipes.

Travel water pipes are available in a variety of materials and designs, making it easy for smokers to find one that fits their needs. They are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great option for smokers who want a low-maintenance smoking experience while on the go.

How to Pick the Best Water Pipe For You

So we’ve gone over the most common trends. But not every trend is right for your specific needs. Here’s how to pick out the best option for you!

Types of Water Pipes

There are several types of water pipes available in the market. Each type has its unique features and advantages. The following are some of the most popular types of water pipes:

Bongs – Bongs are one of the most popular types of water pipes. They have a large chamber that holds water and a long neck that extends upward. The smoke is drawn through the water, which cools and filters the smoke, making it smoother.

Dab Rigs – Dab rigs are designed for use with concentrates such as wax or shatter. They have a small chamber that holds water and a narrow neck that leads to a heating element. The concentrates are heated on the heating element, and the smoke is drawn through the water, cooling and filtering it.

Bubblers – Bubblers are a smaller version of bongs. They have a smaller chamber and a shorter neck. They are easier to carry around and are ideal for traveling.

Hookahs – Hookahs are large water pipes that are designed for group smoking. They have multiple hoses, allowing several people to smoke at the same time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Pipe

When choosing a water pipe, there are several factors that you should consider. These include:

Size – The size of the water pipe will affect the amount of smoke that can be drawn through it. If you want a smoother smoking experience, a larger water pipe will be ideal.

Material – Water pipes can be made from various materials such as glass, acrylic, silicone, and metal. Glass water pipes are the most popular because they are easy to clean, durable, and provide the best smoking experience.

Percolators – Percolators are small devices inside the water pipe that help to cool and filter the smoke. They come in different shapes and sizes and can significantly improve the smoking experience.

Price – Water pipes come in various price ranges. You should consider your budget and choose a water pipe that fits your budget.

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