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Hey South Florida, We’re a Great Water Pipe Shop Near You!

When it comes to finding a head shop, there can be almost too many options to choose from these days. Whether a store is a dedicated smoke shop or they just have a selection of pipes in a glass case, it’s not too difficult to find a pipe if you need one. Sadly, not all pipes are created equal and oftentimes smokers end up with cheap glass pipes that are not built to last. That’s why when it comes to finding a water pipe shop near you, quality is essential.

Here at The Hip Cat Smoke Shop, we are dedicated to curating the best possible selection of glass water pipes and other smoking products for our customers. When you walk into our shop, you will find cases upon cases of quality glass, including plenty of water pipes. Our great selection is part of the reason why our customers keep coming back. It’s also the reason why we have been able to expand from our original location in Fort Lauderdale to our new shop in Pompano Beach.

If you are near either of these towns or anywhere in Broward County/the surrounding area, we are well worth the trip. Since day one we have been dedicated to being the best smoke shop in Florida and I think our customers would agree that we have achieved that goal. If you are interested in finding an amazing water pipe, then we can guarantee that you will find something that you will love when you pay us a visit.

So why do you need to find a water pipe shop near you? Simply put, a good water pipe is the crown jewel of any smokers collection. Not only do these pipes make taking large rips nice and smooth, but they also are also just impressive to have, especially when smoking with friends. A well made water pipe is an investment in your smoking experience and if you love to smoke, then you need to get yourself one.

One of the most common questions that we hear is which water pipe we recommend. While we wish there was a great one size fits all option, water pipes are as varied as the people who use them. The easiest way to get an idea for the types of pipes that will work best for you is to try as many different types of pipes as possible. For new smokers this might not be the easiest option, but there are a few general rules for choosing a good pipe.

The first thing to consider is size. Now you might think that bigger pipe equals a bigger hit, but this is not always the case. You can hit a smaller pipe for a long time and still get a massive hit of smoke. They also make great dab rigs. The biggest difference is draw resistance and how fast you can clear smoke from the pipe comfortably. Large pipes will also give the smoke more room to cool before it is inhaled, which can help make smoking a lot more comfortable.

Once you know how much water pipe you need, it’s time to take a look at how that pipe functions. The most basic water pipes will usually have a downstem that goes into water. Smoke travels down this stem and bubblers through the water, which helps to cool the smoke and remove some of the water soluble compounds in the smoke. This makes using a water pipe significantly easier than smoking a dry pipe for most smokers.

Some more advanced pipes will use percolators that are more complex than just a downstem. These percolators are usually designed to diffuse the smoke into a larger number of smaller bubbles in order to increase its surface area and cool things down even more. In order to provide multiple stages of cooling and filtration, some pipes will pass smoke through multiple percolators. Each time the smoke passes through water it will become cooler and smoother, though each additional percolator will add draw resistance and make the pipe more difficult to clear.

One of the best ways to make the decision of which water pipe to get is to talk to an expert. That is why if you are wondering where to find a water pipe shop near you, then we might be the clear choice. Our team of water pipe specialists are always happy to help our customers find the pipes they need so they can start to really enjoy their smoking sessions. In addition to water pipes we have just about anything else that a smoker might need. This includes tons of dry pipes and useful accessories like herb grinders and rolling supplies. If you want to check out our full inventory, then come pay us a visit!