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Top Smoking Accessories and Cool Stuff We Carry at The Hip Cat Smoke Shop

If you’re looking for some of the hot new smoking accessories and glass pipes for 2023, who better to consult than some of the most knowledgeable folks from one of the best smoke shops in south Florida?

We went through our collection and hand-picked some of these gems. See if you’re familiar with them – and if not, get to it.

Stündenglass Gravity Diffusers

Stündenglass Gravity Diffusers are some of the hottest smoking accessories on the market right now, and it’s hardly any surprise why.

These things deliver the smoothest hits imaginable and feature 360° rotatable activation and percolated water filtration for silky-smooth, ice-cool hits. They’re also configurable with interchangeable mouthpieces and compatible with 14mm adapters.

They’re also made with high-quality glass and precision-machined metal hardware. These gravity diffusers are the real deal and deliver exceptional quality and durability. Removable glass globes also make usage and cleaning easy as pie.

It has a million and one uses beyond smoking, too. You can use it as a diffuser to capture the smoke from hardwood chips for flavoring foods, and it’s also configurable with a glass cloche for infusing beverages, too.

For the discerning aficionado, there’s the Stündenglass Gravity Diffuser – not to be missed.

Gravlab’s GBs (Specifically, the Gravitron)

smoke shops in south Florida

Grav Labs is well-known for producing some of the highest-quality glass smoking implements in the industry, and they’ve once again outdone themselves with the medium Gravitron, cousin to the larger, full-sized Gravitron.

Like its larger cousin, the medium Gravitron offers quite a few upgraded features that improve durability, performance, ergonomics, and use.

For one, it’s made with thicker glass. Glass that’s 5 times thicker, to be exact. This GB won’t quit when the going gets tough. It’s also made with an improved platinum-cured silicone grommet that provides a superior seal.

Using and lifting the bottle is easy, too, thanks to the 14mm female ground joint that accepts any male 14mm male bowl; the flange at the top makes lifting a cinch.

This thing is considered one of the most efficient gravity pipes on the market today and in a few moments can create an unbelievably dense, thick cloud of smoke for knockout rips.

Don’t believe us? Come into one of our smoke shops in South Florida and ask us for yourself. Or better yet, try it.

The Puffco Cupsy

smoke shops in south Florida

The Puffco Cupsy is the ultimate discrete water pipe. Here’s what you need to know: it’s a water pipe designed to look like a regular-old coffee cup. But it gets so much better.

Discretion and inventiveness are nothing new in this market. For years, DIY-ers have crafted their own stash jars and cache stashes, reverse engineering them from jars and aluminum cans to give them a bespoke sort of undetectable camouflage. Many glass pipes are designed to look like things that they are not. But water pipes? Not so much.

But the Puffco Cupsy is entirely different. Have you ever dreamt of concealing your water pipe in plain sight as a regular beverage cup? Now you can.

The Puffco Cupsy is equipped with its own secret compartment, so you can leave the thing out in the open with no fear of discovery. When it’s time to use it, fill the cup with water, snap the lid back on, pack it, and blaze!

But it gets better. The Cupsy has a ceramic bowl and the mouthpiece and percolator are both BPA-free, making it even safer to use.

RYOT Sifter Boxes

RYOT Sifter Boxes are also really useful, practical smoking accessories that get high marks for aesthetic appeal.

Crafted from beautiful, attractive woods and featuring high-quality finishes, these sifter boxes feature magnetically secured closures, seamless black glass base trays, and classic engraving of the RYOT brand.

They’re also made with a high-quality monofilament screen which is highly durable and delivers quality, precision sifting, making it easier than ever before to sift and collect concentrates.

Take your concentrate game up a notch with one of these aesthetic treasures and elevate concentrate sifting to an art form.

Kind AshCache Ash Trays

Last but not least, we have Kind AshCache ash trays (pictured at the top of this article), which are the undisputed kings of ash trays when it comes to glass pipes. They are just made for each other.

The AshCache features a silicone and stainless steel design that is remarkably easy to clean, not to mention glass pipe-friendly. It features a silicone knocker that is much easier on glass pipes.

This ash tray is also a cut above the competition in other ways, too, since it has integral slots for both 14mm and 18mm joints, as well as space for pokers and papers. It even has space for a lighter.

It’s easy to clean, gentler on your glass pipes, has plenty of room for storing and accessing the essentials, and features a steel-and-silicone design that will last a lifetime. It’s the last ash tray you’ll ever need.

Leave glass, porcelain, and ceramic ash trays – which are likely to crack or break your glass pipes – in the past and welcome the future of ash tray design with a Kind AshCache Ash Tray.

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We’ll show you the works and you can get more familiar with some of these new accessories.

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