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Visiting a Smoke Shop In Fort Lauderdale for the First Time? Here’s What You Need to Know

Before you travel to a smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale, there are a few important things you need to know.

Perhaps the most important is that in Florida, selling smoking and vaping products to anyone below 21 years old is illegal. So when you’re ready to get your first shop experience, be sure you have your ID with you.

In a smoke shop, you can’t also mention the M word, unless you want to hear people gasping all around you in absolute shock.

We’re kidding! It’s unlikely people will be scandalized in such a way, but until marijuana is legalized for recreational use— which we believe might be sooner than we all initially thought— we advise you to practice caution.

Some stores can be very strict about this and may ask you to leave if you ever so much as mention the word weed. It probably won’t hurt to bring your common sense along with your ID.

There are other things you’d want to know and that’s why we wrote this article for you. Read on and learn more about smoke shop lingo and other bits of information guaranteed to stop you from feeling out of place in a world only smokers understand.

Smoke Shop Lingo
Hearing the many strange words in the glass pipe industry can be heady. Terminologies like downstem, ash catcher, and slide can be scary, and remembering the differences between them can be much more challenging—especially when the variations are minor and the pieces appear to be identical at first glance.

The following list is by no means extensive but it should help you in your first visit to any smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale.

●Ash Catcher – an attachment that you can add to a bong or water pipe to keep resin and ash out of the water.

●Bong – a large water pipe that people use more for cannabis and less for tobacco and other substances.

●Bowl – the part or area of a pipe or bong where you put your flowers in when you smoke.

●Bubbler – a handheld water pipe that is similar to bongs. Compared to bongs, they are much smaller in size.

●Carb – a hole near the bowl on the side of a pipe.

●Chillum – a small pipe without a carb. Usually shaped like a small cigar with a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece on the other. It is allso known as “onie”.

●Dab Rig – a type of pipe that uses a dab nail instead of a bowl. They usually look like a small bong and they’re often more popular with an experienced user who prefers stronger hits.

●Diffy – short for diffuser. Often refers to the downstem in a bong or dab rig. A diffy works by diffusing the smoke, resulting in a smoother, cooler hit.

●Dome – a piece of glass or metal that covers the dab nail. When smoking, the dome traps the vapor so it can flow through the joint of the bubbler and you can enjoy a better hit.

●Dry Pipe – a pipe that does not use water.

Hand Pipe

●E-Nail – short for electronic nail, this device is used for dabbing cannabis concentrates. They’re often made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium, and when they’re attached to a controller box, they can regulate the temperature of your smoking piece.

●Flowers – the material you smoke in your bowl is called flowers.

●Ground Joint – a machine-made glass connector component. Frequently used to join a slide and a bong.

●Herbal Vaporizers – an electronic device that vaporizes herbs or flowers.

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

●Mini Tube – a small bong.

●Percolator – a perc is an extra water chamber for your bong normally found in the bong’s tube. It is the portion of the pipe that causes the water to bubble.

●Slide – a slide is also referred to as a “bong bowl.” A removable bowl, separate from the pipe’s main body.

●Spoon Pipe – a pipe form called after a spoon because of its resemblance in shape. This is the “traditional” glass pipe design.

●Vapor Rig – a set-up for dabbing oils that includes a bubbler. A male joint, dab nail, and dome are usually included as well.

●Water Pipe – a pipe that uses water and has a percolator. This is an extremely broad term that can refer to both a bubbler and a bong.

One thing to keep in mind is that pipes with water are all generally called water pipes, while those that don’t use water are called dry pipes or hand pipes. When in doubt, you can always just point to it and maybe ask for the name.

In a smoke shop, some items are always in demand. If you want to know what others are buying all the time and maybe start your purchase decisions from there, below are some of the most popular smoke shop products.

Popular Smoke Shop Products for Beginners
Here are some of the most popular smoke shop items to try for the first time. These products are also available in our shops. Check here for products that you’ll find in our head shops.

Vaporizers and e-Juices
Vaporizers have been fairly popular lately because they’re a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Small designs that can be readily hidden are currently the most popular. When you buy a vaporizer, make sure you also have e-juices, dry herbs, and other vaping supplies on hand for them.

Rolling Papers
Because smoking joints is one of the top ways to consume cannabis, rolling papers are one of the most popular cannabis accessories in the world. They’re a must-score for individuals who have an aversion to bongs and other glass pieces.

Bongs are also very popular. The water filtration feature of bongs is one of the main reasons why most smokers prefer them over a standard glass pipe.

A dry pipe or pipe is often the choice of people who are not comfortable letting the world know of their smoking habits. Pipes are very small and unobtrusive. They’re easy to hide or pack with you when you travel.

A bubbler is typically smaller and also more discrete. However, the word bubbler comes from the fact that as you inhale smoke, the glass piece bubbles and makes bubbling noises.

With this basic information, you should be able to make your first trip to a smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale without any hiccups.

Consider visiting our Fort Lauderdale branch today! We’re your one-stop head shop for all of your smoking needs. We carry a large selection of pipes, bongs, and more.

We also have friendly and smoking experts on staff who can help you with all your newbie concerns and questions. Stop by and see what our Fort Lauderdale shop has to offer now!