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Water Pipe Tips and Tricks: from Your Favorite Head Shop in South Florida

Interested in taking bigger rips from your preferred specimen of heady glass? That piece isn’t just for looking at – with the right know-how, you can use a water pipe to take some of the biggest hits imaginable.

Unfortunately, using a water pipe to the fullest and actually enjoying the experience requires a little bit of expertise. Let’s peel back some of the layers – this head shop in South Florida has some tips and tricks for taking bigger, cooler rips.

Why a Water Pipe in the First Place?

Water pipes, with their large chimneys, enable massive rips. They also filter the smoke through a chamber known as a percolator that is filled with water. This helps to cool down the smoke and filter out some of the harsh impurities that can make some users suffer from coughing fits.

On its own, a water pipe is a delightful implement that enables large, cool hits – but for users that are especially sensitive or prone to coughing or discomfort, we have a few pro tips from our head shop in South Florida that can take your experience to the next level.

How to Take Bigger Rips and Prevent Coughing Fits

Looking for some expert advice on some quick fixes you can make to help you take bigger rips without suffering through to experience? Try some of these and then give us a call at one of our head shops in South Florida for more advice.

It’s about That Fine Grind

Finely ground herbs will burn much more evenly and consistently than herbs with large bits or pieces. Furthermore, an inconsistent grind (or herbs that have just been mashed or chopped up with scissors) is more prone to producing “hot spots” and harsher smoke – both of which can lead to grips of coughing fits.

Get yourself a grinder and aim for a fine, even, consistent grind. You’ll thank us later.

Cool Mint for Cool Hits

Generally speaking, you cough when your mouth and throat are dry. Hot, dry smoke irritates your mouth and throat further, resulting in coughing fits. One cool (no pun intended) and interesting way to keep your mouth and throat moist is to chew some mint gum before you smoke. Just make sure you spit out the gum before the smoke sesh begins.

Chewing mint gum (or anything else with menthol in it) doesn’t just provide a cooling sensation in your mouth; it also stimulates the production of saliva which can help your mouth and throat from becoming too dry. Try it – just be sure not to inhale any saliva with the smoke, which will make you cough more.

(Bowl) Size Matters

If you’re sensitive to the harshness of smoke, try swapping out your bowl for a larger one. Smaller bowls have less airflow and produce thicker, harsher smoke. Larger bowls offer greater airflow and can potentially dilute the smoke.

You’ll be smoking the same amount, therefore taking an equal hit – but the smoke from a larger bowl with the same pack will be easier to handle.

Use an Ash Catcher

If you can, use an ash catcher. Ash catchers help to limit the amount of ash that gets through the stem and into the water – and potentially into your mouth or lungs.

Ash that gets through the perc and makes it into your mouth can often catalyze a coughing fit because it’s both surprisingly and acridly unpleasant. Using an ash catcher may enable you to take larger, bigger rips with greater confidence that you won’t come up with a mouthful of ash.

Fill the Perc with Cold Water and the Chimney with Ice

It might seem like an obvious tip and not a “hack,” but you should fill your perc up with ice-cold water if you really enjoy cool, cool hits. Any water will cool down the smoke, but each hit you take will introduce the water to hot smoke and will heat it up. Starting with water that’s as cold as possible will help cool the smoke.

Also, if your water pipe has an ice pinch near the base of the chimney, that’s a sign from the universe to pour some ice cubes down the chimney before you take a hit. If you’ve never done so before, you’ll be amazed at how cool and smooth the smoke is.

That’s probably our number one tip in here for taking larger, more satisfying, smoother hits.

(Make Sure You’re Using enough Water)

One more thing – don’t just use cold water. Make sure you’re using enough of it. If possible, fill the percolator until the base of the downstem is submerged in water. More water will stay cooler for longer and will also help filter the smoke better – it’ll also reduce the frequency with which you need to change the water.

Take Your Time (When Removing the Bowl)

You might have seen someone aggressively remove the bowl right before finishing a hit, and that’s certainly the showy way to do so. However, taking your time about removing the bowl will introduce the smoke to your lungs at a more reasonable, and less explosive, rate. Taking your time about it might make it easier for you to “stomach” a bigger lungful of smoke.

Take a Breath

One more tip with have to offer you is this – after you’ve taken your hit, don’t just hold it. Take a little bit of a breath of fresh air at the tail end of the hit. This will clear smoke out of your nose, mouth, and throat, and will also help ensure that all the smoke makes it to your lungs.

How ‘bout a Visit to One of Our Head Shops in South Florida

If you’re looking for some new glass for your collection or you’d just like some actual real-life tips from the pros, come on down to one of our head shops in South Florida. We have smoke shops in Ft. Lauderdale and Pompano Beach, so if you’re in South Florida, you’re likely not more than a stone’s throw away.

Come on down to see what’s in stock or to get the latest tips and tricks, and give us a call at 954-530-9357 if you have any questions ahead of time.