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Glass Pipes Near Me: Why Glass Just Might Be the Best

There are plenty of different materials that are used to create pipes, and glass is just one of these. The thing is, some people are split on glass – but they shouldn’t be. Just as it commonly holds true, there are plenty of benefits to using glass to create a pipe – they just need a little more publicity. If you’re looking for “glass pipes near me,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn of these unique draws of glass, unless of course you knew them already.

Alternatives to Glass Pipes

In addition to glass, materials like wood (cherry, maple, briar and others) as well as metals are used to create smoking pipes. The reasons for this are varied, and could be associated with cost, availability, or user preference.

However, though these materials make suitable smoking pipes, glass has several specific advantages over them. If you’ve ever been in the company of a fellow smoker who railed against glass as a pipe-medium, be ready to strike back with these facts.

Why Glass Just May Make the Ultimate Pocket Piece

  • Glass provides a better, purer flavor.

Glass is stable under the influence of heat and will not release any additional flavors during the smoking experience. Because of this, it will not only preserve the quality of the smoke, but actually make it easier for you to savor the fine flavors, without anything else getting in the way.

  • Glass pipes actually are pretty tough.

Glass might get a bad rap for being fragile, and it is true that you should handle your glass pipe with care. However, a short, thick glass pipe is probably a lot tougher than you think it is, and on top of that, glass is very hard. You almost don’t even need to think twice about scratching the finish because few everyday materials are hard enough to damage the finish. No fancy care needed – just pocket it and go.

  • Glass is easy to take on the go. Think “pocket piece” or “pocket glass.”

Unlike some other, bulkier styles of pipes, glass pipes rank high for portability. While some of them are larger and more ornate, plenty of glass pipes are only a few inches long and can fit easily in the palm of your hand. Consequently, they can fit easily in your pocket as well. Discrete, light, small and easy to pack, glass is a superb option for those who live an active lifestyle.

  • Glass can tolerate high heat and won’t burn or vaporize.

Glass, like metal, can tolerate high heat and will neither burn nor vaporize. As it is heat-stable, it also won’t release anything into the smoke, making it generally better. If there is any type of residue on a metal pipe, it may burn off while smoking. Additionally, wooden pipes will scorch and char if not smoked properly, and may release unpleasant flavors into the smoke, or even “burn out.” By contrast, a glass pipe has no lifespan – as long as you take care of it, it will continue to work as well as it did on day one.

  • Glass pipes are generally easy to clean.

You can simply wipe down the outside of a glass pipe, swab out the bowl, clean the stem and you’re ready to go. It’s very easy to bring a glass pipe back to spotless, pristine condition, which is more than you can say about some alternatives. You can make an old glass pipe look brand new with a few minutes and some elbow grease.

  • Keep it cool with glass.

The design of some glass pipes also makes them significantly more enjoyable to smoke because they are more comfortable to hold. Ergonomics and other fine details aside, some glass pipes have an insulated double wall bowl, so even if you enjoy a heavy session, your hands will remain cool.

  • Personal style, anyone? Glass has class.

Finally, glass is classy. There are nearly infinite styles in glass pipes out there, and we carry the cream of the crop. Swirls, spots, mottling, and a rainbow of colors are waiting for you here in our shop. In short, there’s a glass pipe out there to suit any taste or personality. The next time your mind wanders over thoughts similar to “where can I pick up new glass pipes near me,” come down to one of our shops and visit us. It won’t take you long before you realize why so many customers do the same.

The Hip Cat Smoke Shop Is Your Source for “Glass Pipes Near Me”

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