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What Should the Best Head Shop Have

When searching for the “best head shop near me,” a lot can pop up in the search results. It can then be difficult to narrow down what comes up to find the best head shop for you and your smoking needs that is also in a very convenient location nearby. So what do you need to know when finding the “best head shop near me?”

As one of the top head shops in both Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach in Florida, we at Hip Cat Smoke Shop know exactly what customers look for in a good head shop, especially in terms of products. In order to be one of the most successful and alluring head shops, a business needs to have the right products in the right quantities.

So, what products will the absolute “best head shop near me” have in stock in order to earn that title?

1.  Hand Pipes

One of the most vital products that every good head shop has are hand pipes. These are one of the most popular pieces from which to smoke marijuana. That is due to a number of reasons: convenient travel-friendly size, ease of usage, beautiful and unique designs, range of price, and even color-changing capabilities.

These are ideal pieces for new and seasoned smokers alike, as they are agreed upon by all as fun and easy to use. However, one key aspect that the hand pipes in any great head shop has is the wide variety available. There are numerous kinds of hand pipes, so it’s important that the head shop you go to has all of them:

  • Chillums: straight glass pipes often referred to as “one-hitters”
  • Gandalf pipes: curved and long-stemmed glass pieces with a deep bowl
  • Sherlocks: pipes with a nearly full S-curved stem leading to a wide and deep bowl
  • Spoons: one of the most widely used and varied of hand pipes, which looks very similar to a spoon
  • Steamrollers: a piece that “packs a punch” as it’s a straight piece with more smoke capacity and faster clearing

If the head shop you “head” to offers all of these pieces in a wide range, then you might just be going to a solid head shop that will most likely satisfy your needs.

2.  Bubblers

Bubblers are one of the greatest and handiest smoking pipes that combines the magic of both hand pipes and bongs. They require water like bongs do, which serves to cool and diffuse the smoke before it reaches your mouth and then lungs, making for a more pleasant and enjoyable smoking experience. Bubblers are also like hand pipes in that they can comfortably fit in your hand and can conveniently go with you anywhere you go. If your head shop has a plethora of these pieces, it’s looking like it’s a good and trustworthy one.

3.  Bongs

If a head shop you visit doesn’t have any bongs for sale, then it is safe to say that they are not a very good head shop and might not offer you the best products that you deserve. Bongs, or water pipes, are one of the most classic and widely used smoking devices available. Therefore, if they don’t have these bad boys in their shop, they aren’t the best.

4.  Rolling and Other Accessories

Some people who smoke either marijuana or tobacco (or both!) prefer to be old school and roll their own joints, blunts, and/or cigarettes. In order to do that successfully, they require various accessories from a good head shop. Such accessories include rolling papers, wraps, blunts, filter tips, lighters, and even pre-rolled cones.

There are plenty of other great smoking accessories any head shop should have on their shelves. Grinders, rolling trays, rolling machines, mouthpieces, sifter boxes– the list goes on. If they go out of their way to supply their shop with any and all of these pieces for their customers, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, they are a good place to shop.

5.  Vaporizers

Some smokers prefer to vape, whether it be tobacco and/or marijuana. Vaping allows for easier and more discrete smoking. Plus, they offer tons of unique and delicious flavors to further increase the enjoyment of the process. On the market today, there are numerous options in vape pens, mods, and other such devices. If your head shop has a lot of different options for vaping along with certain other accessories (batteries, chargers, coils, etc.) that are necessary for successful vaping, chances are you have a good head shop on your hands.

It can be difficult to sift through all the results that come up when searching for the “best head shop near me.” However, if you look in their online shop or even call to ask if they carry these products, you can get a much better idea of if they are the best and which one specifically is right for you. If you’re in the area, be sure to check us out at Hip Cat Smoke Shop to see our large inventory of smoke products or give us a call if you have any questions at 954-530-9357.